When do executives need one-on-one coaching?


Filling senior vacancies by promotion from within or looking outside for the best candidates can spark new ideas, but grafting in new leaders has its risks.  Despite years of experience making complicated, far-reaching decisions, top-level managers can use some guidance when they find themselves in new situations where little, if anything, is familiar.  Over one-third of newly hired executives fail to meet expectations when promoted or hired for leadership positions, which can result in a substantial loss of time and money for the company and increased stress for all involved. Onboarding coaching prevents many causes of this failure; especially in the intricate realms of adapting to a new culture, building employee trust, and forging alliances with key people. MindCoaching offers discrete personal coaching to help the executive deliver the expected corporate outcomes.

Preparation for upper management positions

Similar to onboarding, the grooming of future leaders to assume a senior leadership role reduces the risk of failure in the new position. Coaching prior to, during, and after a new assignment helps insure a successful transition to unfamiliar leadership roles. MindCoaching provides a highly effective approach to assess the gap between the executive’s current perceptions and behaviors and those required to perform at a higher level in the new position. This behavioral enhancement approach involves assisting the executive to acquire the new leadership proficiencies essential for moving to the next level.  

Situations of heightened demand

Situations that demand attention can range from turbulent crisis management, ethical dilemmas, and post merger integration, on to discrete personal interventions in the cases of divorce, loss of a loved one, depression, anxiety, burnout, and other stress-related executive challenges.  Such situations occur in every senior executive’s life. Personal life and work life cannot be neatly separated nor categorized. Stress and the isolation of high-level executives demand access to discrete one-on-one coaching.  MindCoaching leverages its talent, expertise, experience and knowledge to help manage situations of heightened demand when called upon.


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