Cross-cultural assignments

Performance expectations are high for executives.  Plunging into a new culture involves more than learning what can be conveyed in books and seminars about doing business in another country or region of the world.  Highly sensitive questions dealing with personal and business communication and strategy, cultural memes and ethics, etiquette, and business savvy approaches can only be discussed in a safe and confidential place with a trusted advisor.  Such support is often essential for the family of the transferred executive to comfortably adapt to unfamiliar settings.  MindCoaching offers cross-cultural assignment coaching services for top-ranking executives and their spouses relocating between the US, Europe, South America and Asia.   

Career transitions

There is a lengthy and difficult life adjustment period where executive coaches guide clients through the rough waters of managing career transition.  For most people, this span from employment to unemployment to deciding where and how to start over again is a stressful time.  MindCoaching has the resources necessary to guide the executive through this midcourse correction.  MindCoaching custom tailors the analytical and emotional aspects of the career transition process to the client’s needs, aspirations, and capabilities in concert with corresponding market realities.  In many cases, the client and his or her new employer will request that the coaching relationship continue during the onboarding period.


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